Spots-light is a company offering pet products from pet owners themselves. 

Started by Steve Barook, he and his family are dog lovers with a wonderful Golden Retriever named Honey. Prior to having Honey as part of the family, the Barook's had both Irish Setters and Shetland Sheepdogs as members of the family.  The Barook's believe that animals dramatically improve their lives and have been wonderful additions to the family over the years.
Honey, the family's pride and joy, is four years old and is very active. She gets walked three times a day and loves to run in the woods. Spots-Light came out of a very real incident that drove Steve to find a solution that would make both Honey and himself safer when out walking.  
This is his story…

It was winter and very dark outside in the morning and evening during Honey’s walk times. The neighborhood did not have sidewalks in all places, so we would often walk on the road. One morning we were out for our regular walk after breakfast and it was cold and dark. We headed up the street and Honey was focused on sniffing all the same old spots along the way. From behind I saw the reflection of car lights coming up the street. This person was moving at a fair speed as it was early and they were not expecting to see anyone walking. I just happened to look back and saw the car heading right for us. I quickly jumped onto a snow bank pulling Honey along as fast as I could. We were narrowly missed. The driver realized and stopped. He was very sorry and apologized profusely saying he didn’t see us between the snow and the darkness.

A few weeks later while out on our morning walk (on a sidewalk this time), a neighbor proceeded to back out of his garage and nearly hit us walking in front of his house. Usually I am aware of people backing up and take the necessary precautions, but he caught me totally off guard. He didn’t even slow down and continued on his way to work. I recounted the incident to my wife when I arrived home and she said what else could you have done? I said “He just didn’t see us!” That evening I went out again at around 11pm for our nightly walk before bed. It was very cold and I was bundled up. Would you believe the same guy who nearly hit us in the morning backed out of the driveway again without seeing us? I couldn’t believe it!

It was at that moment I said to myself there has to be a better solution to make us more visible. So I decided to find a leash and collar that would offer us a solution to make us much safer when walking in the dark.